Tweaking cartwheel and centriole symmetry by rational SAS-6 engineering

Talk 2  of the day, by Michel STEINMETZ  from the Paul Scherrer Institute, Department of Chemistry and Biology, Laboratory of Biomolecular Research, Villigen CH,  presents studies on how SAS-6 engineering effects Cartwheel and centriole symmetry


  • In most species newly formed centrioles are organized around a 9-fold symmetric ‘cartwheel’ structure established by protein SAS-6
  • They challenged the Scaffold model, that postulates cartwheel is formed first and dictates the assembly of 9 fold symmetric microtubule wall
  • To do that experiments were performed to challenge this master role of the cartwheel by mutating SAS-6 to change cartwheel symmetry
  • The oligomers formed by various SAS-6 mutants were characterized in vitro using a combination of biophysical and structural methods, and the impact on symmetry changing mutations on cartwheels was assessed in Chlamydomonas and human cells
  • Independent model: Their findings reveal that cartwheel and microtubule wall operate in an independent manner to establish the 9-fold symmetric architecture of centrioles. 

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